Sunday, June 17, 2007

Meme Roundup - June 2007

As you may recall from our last meme roundup, when writing an article I try to put in at least one meme that may be new to most readers. Here's what we talked about over the last couple of months:

* Kids are scared of monsters in closets; grownups are scared of an overabundance of possibilities.
* The best-laid plans are planned and laid ahead of time. We pitted Lost's mysteries vs. Babylon 5's mysteries.
* When asking if The Daily Show is patriotic, we learned a different meaning to an old question: 'What is it?'
* Good stories are, by their nature, liberal. Good stories have conflict, and good storytellers need to be able to write (and understand) both sides of a conflict well. They therefore find themselves on the humanistic side of most ideological battles throughout history.
* Patriotism has its limits; honor and truth do not.
* Loss of stability is a feeling.
* Gods aren't heroes.
* The dangers of cockiness: Just because you're one of the best writers around doesn't mean that what you wrote today was any good.
* Of truth-telling and truth-tellers.

Apparently, we're old enough to start news items. Here's one: Rescue Me is back for a fourth season. In this article we talked about how its writers put a soul in a TV show.

Hope you enjoy the articles.

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