Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Meme Roundup - April 2007

One of my criteria in writing a Storytellers column is that there should be at least one new meme per column that, perhaps, is new to most readers. If a person has read the column, a single sentence should be able to evoke the entire theme in the reader’s mind.

For the convenience of those who have read the columns and for the convenience of those who hadn’t yet, here are our memes so far.

* David E. Kelley’s humor makes us marginally smarter.
* The ‘domino effect’ exists in writing, too.
* Nostalgia vs. science fiction.
* The nature of evil.
* Showing us how things should be done is constructive satire.
* You can put a soul in a TV show.
* Racism can be served hot or cold.
* How to write politically and avoid both spin and political fallout.
* “You! Are! Fired!”
* Racism is to the adult mind what poop is to a child’s mind (a.k.a.: Racism is poop.)


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