Saturday, January 12, 2008

Women Versus Blacks

In the last post we talked about how, in the current political situation, Hillary Clinton can’t make any move regarding any ‘black issues’ without automatically losing to Barack Obama. She can’t be blacker than him. She can’t understand what it’s like to be black the way he can. If she makes a move on any black issue, black activists will do Obama’s work for him, and he will win without having opened his mouth.

Now the question that comes to mind is this: Does it work the other way around?

Let’s imagine a scenario: Obama suddenly talks about women rights, and how he respects his wife and how strong and intelligent she is, and how he learned from her that women have it bad and how he wants to fix the situation. Would this give any kind of victory to Clinton the way it would give a victory to Obama if she made such a statement about black people? Would people assume Clinton is way ahead of him on this? Would there be a backlash against Obama, that as a man he doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about? Would people assume that Clinton knows ten times better than he does everything about ‘women’s issues’? Seems to me that the answer to all these questions is ‘no’.

So the real question is: Why not?

That is not a political question. It’s a question in human behavior, which is a subject we like to tackle here. In looking for an answer, I only found one, and it’s a sad one: The majority of women doesn’t respect women.

To explain this answer let’s work our way from the conclusion backwards. If most women didn’t respect women, then they wouldn’t trust a woman to represent them. In fact, they would be suspicious of her. If most women didn’t respect women, then they couldn’t really form into cohesive and influential groups representing women. In fact, they would form fragmented groups with little influence. If most women didn’t respect women, they perhaps would think that their own conditions are bad but that other women perhaps deserve what they have. All these results are true, and they all stem from one premise: The majority of women doesn’t respect women.

That is a sad state, and I wish there was another answer to the question. In fact, if you have a better answer, please share it with us.


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ZZ said...

First of all, Obama is a white guy. African father, white mother, raised by the mother. That makes him at least 51% white. Saying that the represents African-American community is saying that the ONLY thing that matters about him is his skin tone. And THAT is truly racist.

I think it's true that most women don't respect women, but sadly, it's also true that most blacks don't respect blacks. If Obama wins, it won't be because blacks trust him for his blackness strongly or "formed into cohesive and influential groups". It will be because a whole bunch of white people voted for him, mostly out of guilt or a desire to feel trendy.

Guy Hasson said...

Of course Obama is a white guy. That's why all the news channels are reporting him as the first white guy to have a real shot at the presidency.

In such things the truth doesn't matter and genetics don't matter, only what you look like matters.

And you make a good point about guilt. Whites will vote for blacks out of guilt. Consider, though, that men will not vote for women out of guilt.